Fall 2020 Audition Information

We have made the difficult decision to postpone admitting students into the Phantoms until the Spring 2021 semester. Several factors drove this decision:


  1.  Most importantly, we don’t want to deprive any prospective member of a chance to audition if there are any technological/internet accessibility issues that may prevent them from doing so. We believe that anyone who wants to audition should have as fair a chance as anyone else.

  2. Current and prospective members of the Phantoms may be residing in time zones that do not allow for synchronous rehearsals.

  3. Lag time in video conferencing apps does not allow for synchronous rehearsals.

  4. A cappella music often requires singers to be on the same page, which is much easier to accomplish when we’re in the same physical space. A lot of the components of a cappella are near impossible to accomplish virtually, whether it’s adjusting your volume to blend in with other voices, following precise cues about tempo and dynamics from the music director, or working on your body movements and stage presence. A cappella is a performance art, after all.

  5. We want to respect that this is a time of adjustment for everyone, and that many prospective members may be hesitant to audition this semester with so much uncertainty in the air.


We are considering, but have not decided on, a pre-screening option prior to auditions in the spring, which would require prospective members to send a video of them singing a song and completing some vocal exercises. From this prescreening, we will invite students to audition in person in the spring if we are all back, but in the case that we are not back in person, we will invite select students from the prescreening to audition for us virtually in the spring. 


If you are interested in auditioning for the Phantoms or want to interact with us this semester, please fill out this interest form that will add you to our listserv and allow us to gauge people’s internet/technology access to make sure we can accommodate for anyone who may have difficulties connecting with us virtually:


However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved with the Phantoms this Fall! Look out for virtual coffee houses, Instagram contests, TikTok duets, and more interactive social media activities. We will also be holding several “Meet the Pham” events for prospective members (or just Georgetown students in general) to get to know us and get a feel for the group. Our email, DMs, and Facebook messenger are always open for questions, so please stay in touch! If you have any suggestions for how you would like to interact with a cappella community virtually, please don’t hesitate to send us ideas; this is new territory for everyone! We cannot wait to sing with you all soon!

Normal Audition Process


After a warm up, we teach everyone a blending exercise to perform later. You then sign up for a 10-minute individual slot. Please arrive on time though so you can learn the blending exercise.


During your individual audition, we will find your vocal range by asking you to sing a simple scale as high and then as low as you can. Please go at a comfortable speed and take breaths when necessary.


Several “sing-backs” are next: we play a short sequence of notes on the piano, and ask you to sing them back to us. This is a pitch exercise to check your skill at hearing and reproducing specific notes well.


Then you will sing the exercise taught earlier with two of us, to hear your voice blend with others. We will briefly review this; it’s not about memorization. The emphasis is on “blend,” i.e., matching our pitch, tone, pronunciation, and volume, and limiting anything that makes you stand out, such as vibrato.


Finally, you will perform one verse and one chorus of the rock/pop/R&B solo that you have prepared. If you like, we can play a starting note on the piano. Try to pick a fairly well-known song, because it helps us if we are familiar with it beforehand. If you are concerned about song choice, you can email us. This is your opportunity to demonstrate the best aspects of your voice.


Afterwards we might ask you a few more questions. It may sound like a lot, but it’s really not so bad – just 10 minutes! Don’t feel nervous; we want you to do well as much as you do! Callbacks information will be posted shortly after primary auditions.

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